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Just released is our first travel photo book, STARS OF THE DESERT.  Currently available on Blurb.com, we will also be releasing a special "Limited Edition" version via our site later this year.  All proceeds from the sales of "Set of Drifters" merchandise goes directly into support for our blog and, well yes, the funding of future trips! 

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STARS OF THE DESERT - A journey across the dunes of Tunisia to discover lost "Tatooine"

Join Star Wars fan Brady Walters on a cross-country trip through the North African nation of Tunisia, stopping along the way to explore the many film locations used in the saga.  Through a series of stunning photographs and informative insider tips, visit the beautiful island of Djerba (site of the "Mos Eisley Cantina"), spend a night underground at "Luke Skywalker's home" in Matmata, glide across the Chott el-Jerid salt flat desert and journey to the completely in-tact city of "Mos Espa."  And that's just for starters!  Pack your bags, and prepare to lift-off for the real Tataouine that inspired a generation!

68 pages, full color; Price:  $20.00, currently available at Blurb's online bookstore!

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