The Set of Drifters’ first experience with the Pacific Northwest occurred in March of 2010 with a quick jaunt to Seattle.  It’s true, the trip was initially laden with preconceived notions.  Isn’t the Pacific Northwest, like, all “crunchy” and full of outdoorsy types?  Isn’t it all just a bit rough around the edges?  And then there’s that rain!  Ugh.  Happily, many of Seattle’s stereotypes were demystified during the five day sojourn.  While a gaggle of kayakers playing polo in Lake Washington after quittin’ time did adhere to a certain presumption, ultimately the “Emerald City” exposed itself in much more sophisticated, clean – and hip undertones.  You can see the city’s modernity in the striking design of its apartment complexes all the way down to its vast culinary offerings.  (Seafood is king here - what a shocker!)  While the picturesque Port of Seattle may recall earlier, perhaps simpler times, we surmise visitors to this progressive metropolis will be duly impressed by its residents’ obvious pursuit of a higher quality of life!

Okay, so what about that rain?  Surprisingly, even though Seattle is lumbered down with that nasty reputation as one of America’s wettest cities, in truth, the region receives less rainfall in total than most on the Eastern seaboard!  (That includes you, New York!)  And yet, on the first afternoon in town a local revealed that, like the Eskimos with “snow,” Seattlites have twenty different words for “rain.”  So what gives?  Seattle’s allegiance to the weather pattern is so well known since nary a day goes by without at least a little “sprinkle,” “drizzle” or a bout of “Scotch Mist.”

Aside from the never-ending cultural to-dos available in the city center, perhaps the most long-lasting impression of Seattle is its unique blending of nature and technology.  Thanks to an economy well entrenched in the Internet sector, tech geeks abound.  Nevertheless, Seattle also offers some of the most pungent greenery set against a backdrop of some rather impressive snow-capped vistas.  Together, these elements remind locals and visitors alike that Seattle showcases some of the most impressive natural beauty in all the land!  A side-trip to the Olympic National Park proved this in spades.  Here, trekkers can take a trip back into time (like all the way to the Triassic period) while viewing the Hoh Rain Forest’s heaps of trees sheltered with moss, ferns covered in… moss, and well, moss smothered with moss.  The Sol Duc trailhead and its falls are an equally impressive sight - if you can withstand the journey required to get there.  A journey along the coast to see the mighty sea stacks of the Olympic Peninsula is also a must, especially for those “Twi-hard” fans out there!  (Get your garlic for this one, kids.)

While many may see Seattle simply through its many shades of grey, the greenery that abounds here brings with it a liveliness and sophistication that is somewhat unexpected, but most certainly appreciated!  Come on fellow drifters, there’s so much to explore here other than just a spaceship hoisted atop a stick!