Truth be told, San Francisco is actually one of your “Set of Drifters” previous home bases.  Drifter Brady attended college here in the... ahem, mid-90s, and enjoyed three-plus years of harmony that he often dubs “those halcyon days.”  So, what’s so great about this so-called “City by the Bay?”  Well, if you have visited, you already know.  There is simply is no more perfect place in the United States that so effortlessly mixes together natural beauty and dramatic landscapes within the confines of a world-class city.  And even though San Francisco is clearly an urban environment, complete with fine architecture, top-notch cultural interests, creature comforts and a burgeoning nightlife, it also exudes a decidedly small town vibe.  Yes, the creative types and activists here may be “hip,” but they are also extremely friendly, and not the least bit pretentious. 

Initially a Gold Rush boom town mecca, San Francisco is woven with a rich tapestry of joy and sadness, courtesy of some rather high “Highs” (no pun intended) and equally low “Lows.”  (The city has been leveled by more than one mighty earthquake/ fire combo in its over 225 years!)  This juxtaposition of emotions is certainly felt throughout many of the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, and helps to fashion an overall sense of community that is sometimes lacking in conurbations of this size.  Visitors may come to San Francisco for the seafood, the shopping or the sights, but will long remember it afterward for its wonderfully warm people... and perhaps an unexplainable and underlying sense of magic.  Those Haight/ Ashbury hippies of the 1960’s were certainly onto something!

Like Tony once sang, we, too, have left our hearts in San Francisco - many times over - and surmise you will too!  Just remember... No, screw the flower in your hair!  Bring your trainers; these hills are no joke!