RDJ "Must-Haves"

Copacabana Beach features a variety of every-day stores where you can get your hands on pretty much anything.  Whether you need food and water, shampoo, underwear, or even a new pair of walking shoes, you should not have to stray too far to find what you need.  We were in Rio during the Christmas season and had a great time checking out a well-stocked department store to see what toys, DVD's and clothes were up for offer.  One item, however, seemed to prove very elusive for purchase, specifically during a morning of unending rain. 

A capa de chuva, is simply a plastic poncho or inexpensive raincoat, but for us, during our search of at least 20 stores for the elusive item, it also became a mantra theme song!

Due to the week's back-to-back downpours, it seemed every last store was sold out!  What we soon realized was that all of the capa de chuvas had been hoarded for resale by buskers who were wheeling and dealing at the entrance to the stadium that was hosting the first Brazilian Madonna concert in 15 years!  (Long story short, bring a rain poncho from home if you can fit it into your luggage!)