Moo at Espaço Franklin

One night of dancing is Brazil is certainly not enough, even if that night begins at 8:00 PM and does not end until 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning!  If you are looking for an incredible venue to shake your booty into a vigorous sweat then look no further than Moo Discoland!

Housed in the mind-blowing Espaço Franklin building in downtown Rio, Moo is the place to be on a Saturday night!  Espaço Franklin is one of the oldest venues in the city (built in 1911) and it's cavernous set-up, tri-leveled dancefloors and multiple bars will keep you intrigued all night long.  Club night "Moo" has just celebrated their 6th anniversary at this brilliant nightclub, and is still going strong!

Rotating DJ's and live bateria drummers provide an eclectic mix of deep house, electronica and samba-infused beats.  The people watching and caipirinhas are extraordinary!  "Expect the unexpected!"

Prices vary depending on the night of the week and the event, but expect to spend some $$$ (and wait in line behind a velvet rope) if you have no hook-up via a local resident like we luckily did.

Moo at Espasco Franklin -

Espasco Franklin - Av. Passos, 36/38-Centro, Rio de Janeiro, 011 (55) 21 39703000,

Bar Veloso

Bar Veloso is located in the infamous Ipanema Beach neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro.  This watering hole is a pretty lively little local bar, and from the street, it appeared like a great little place to enjoy a drink and check out the local talent.

What we didn't know before popping into Bar Veloso was that, as the legend goes, it was the location where the infamous girl from "The Girl From Ipanema" was spotted by Antonio Carlos Jobim, and subsequently immortalized in song!

For us, it will always be remembered as a much-needed go-to spot to dodge a surprise rainstorm - and use the bathroom at a late hour!   Still, if you are in the area, this is a great place to grab a Brahma and take a photo of the sidewalk which pays tribute to the "Garota de Ipanema."

Bar Veloso - Rua Aristides Espnola, 44-Leblon, Rio de Janeiro, 011 (55) 21 2274-   9966