Hotel Bandeirantes

If you are looking for an inexpensive hotel located in a great neighborhood, then Hotel Bandeirantes is the place for you.  We found this great economic deal while planning our South American trip through Latin Destinations' website.  There is not anything super special about this place other than it great location, but the room was clean and the staff was very helpful, considering our poor delivery of basic Portuguese phrasing. 

A complimentary breakfast with good coffee and tasty pastries is available daily downstairs.  (Check out those funny little breakfast weiners!)  Our recommendation to management would be to give the property a design upgrade as the styling looks pretty dated at this point.  We had to initiate a little "Too Fong Woo" on the place to make it more comfortable during our four-night stay in Rio's Copacabana Beach.

Hotel Bandeirantes - Rua Barata Ribeiro, 548-Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, RDJ-    CEP 22.040-000, 011 (55) 21 2548-6252

Hotel Santa Teresa

Okay, this is a little weird.  We are recommending a hotel that we have actually not even stayed at.  Still, we feel pretty confident that if you like the "Set of Drifters" vibe, this will be a nice little respite for you, if not a very expensive one.  Nestled in the quaint neighborhood of Santa Teresa, this beautiful hotel features stylish warm interiors, juxtaposed with dramatic, tropical exteriors.  (The panoramic views of the city and the harbor just beyond the lap pool are certainly breathtaking.)   

According to their website, Hotel Santa Teresa features a design aesthetic rooted in Brazil's "rich past and dynamic present."  Much of this comes from the fact that the mansion which houses the 42-room hotel is actually a historical coffee plantation!  We took one stroll through their lobby and could tell they knew exactly what they were doing.

On-site amenities include a full-service spa, shoe-shining and ironing services, secretarial and translation services, a lounge bar and the restaurant Térèze, among others.  This may not be the place to stay if you are looking to save your money for nights out on the town, but it is the perfect destination for a special occasion like a honeymoon.  Truly unforgettable!

Hotel Santa Teresa - Rua Almirante Alexandrino 660, Santa Teresa, 20241-260 Rio de Janeiro, 011 (55) 21 3380-0200