Le Mixer Bar

Back in April of 2004, your "Set of Drifters" were rambling aimlessly through the Marais neighborhood when they heard a sumptuous house beat percolating from inside the two-story bar Le Mixer.  It was not a hard choice to make - stay outdoors in the chilled spring evening, or head inside to get our "French boy" dance on?!

Though the music dares to suggest it, at Le Mixer Bar, the ambiance and crowd are hardly pretentious.  Here, you'll find a genuine mix of all types (mostly gays) looking for that perfect French house/ disco beat!   Need to cool off or get a drink?  Head on up to the mezzanine and watch the revelers serrer les fesses below (Just watch your head on that low ceiling!)  I remember staying here for hours sweating it up in a sweater because the music was too good to stop - and my body was to flabby to show off!  Le Mixer Bar opens nightly at 5:00 PM and goes all night long until 2:00 AM.  If you love to dance, expect to be seduced by the rotating DJ's luscious mix of the vintage and the new!

Le Mixer Bar - 23, rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie (near Metro Hotel Ville station), 75004 Paris, 011 (33) 1 77 16 54 76

Le Bus Palladium

On our first night in Paris in May of 2010, we eventually ended up at Le Bus Palladium, a splashy venue that we imagine visitors could miss if they don't know French, or at the very least, have some friends in the city.  Back in its heyday, this club played a big part in the 1960's French music scene.   Founded by James Arch, the concept behind Le Bus Palladium was to provide a laid back atmosphere for kids to dance and to hear live music... as well as provide the transport to and from the club!  (We suspect that back in the '60s, it wasn't easy for kids to find a way to get out at night?)  James came up with the idea of charging two French francs to pick up party people at various points around the city, and bring them to this cool club located on a side-street in the heart of Pigalle. Many French rock legends have played the club since its debut in 1965.

These days, the atmosphere resembles a 1970's parlor, complete with mismatched velvet and reflective wallpapers, comfy lounge chairs with competing upholstery, and oodles of great retro wall sconces, lighting and other furnishings.  The night we were there, we were lucky enough to be entertained by the saucy bartenders who sprayed lighter fluid on the bar, setting it afire for the venue's drunken patrons to dance upon!  While the music was a tad too loud, and not necessarily inspired for the few hours that we were there, there are lots of things to check out here and lots of little places to go and get lost.   Big plus for the eye-candy; big minus for the very expensive drink prices!

Le Bus Palladium is open daily from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM, making this a very late night/ early morning choice!  (Apparently, the swankified watering hole also has a restaurant somewhere which serves inexpensive bar food, though we can not vouch for its success.)

Le Bus Palladium - 6 Rue Fontaine, 75009 Paris, 011 (33) 1 45 26 80 35