Hôtel du 7e Art (Seventh Art Hotel)

It's been awhile, but back in the spring of 2004 we kept things cheap, booking into the Hôtel du 7e Art, a conceptual outfit that celebrates the "7th art" of cinema.  ("The 7th art of cinema?" you ask.  Oh please.  Get with the program you philistine!  The other six arts are architecture, sculpture, painting, dance, music and poetry!)  At 23 rooms, the Hôtel du 7e Art is cozy (yes, that means the rooms are tiny); the stairwells almost impossible to maneuver if you have a lot of luggage.  Still, the hotel is situated in a fabulous centralized location, close to the both the Marais and many of the top attractions that cling to the edges of the Seine.

Don't expect a lot of frills or modern touches here however.   The vibe is certainly "Old Hollywood," but done "on the cheap."  Hôtel du 7e Art does come equipped with typically standard features like cable TV, A/C and a safe, yet there is not much beyond that!  Free wifi is available in the lounge (which has some potential), and we did like the aesthetic presentation of the work-out room - though who comes to Paris to work out??

We recommend the Hôtel du 7e Art for those of you looking to keep costs down (or even as a trade-up for a night or two if you are splurging somewhere else).   The price is hard to beat, especially for a hotel in this part of town!  Set of Drifters tip (for the fellas):  Remember to watch your head if you are using your room's toilette.   Ours faced the underside of a stairwell which meant it was impossible to go #1 without sitting down. 

Hôtel du 7e Art - 20 rue Saint Paul, 75004 Paris, 011 (33) 1 44 54 85 00


Hotel Pavilion Nation

In May of 2010, we chose the unassuming Hotel Pavilion Nation not only for its price-point, but for its almost-central location at the Place de la Nation which is fairly close to the Bastille.  Though the hotel lacked some functionality (particularly the inadequate shower door/ window and the non-existent counter space near the sink), we generally enjoyed this little hotel.  Having both worked in boutique hotels in the past, we pretty much knew what to expect - a quaint (tiny) accommodation that would be heavy on charm.

The Hotel Pavilion Nation serves up the goods for the perfect weekend getaway in Paris, though if you are staying longer, you may look elsewhere for more spacial flexibility.  Still, the bed was comfortable, and the views from the main room and bathroom were quintessentially Parisian.  Huge plus, the hotel is just seconds away from the Nation Metro station and across the street from a Monoprix (see "essentials" below).  What more can you ask for?

Set of Drifters tip:  If traveling by taxi from the airport, make sure you tell your cab driver "boulevard de Charonne" and not just "Charonne" as there is another "rue" nearby with the same name!

Pavillon Nation - 13, boulevard de Charonne, 75011 Paris, 011 (33) 1 55 25 36 90