It's not often that your "Set of Drifters" are at a loss for words, but quite honestly, what can we say about Paris that has not already been said before?  Quite simply, this city is sublime.  Yes, that's partly due to its picturesque cozy cobble-stone streets and its forward-thinking fashionista vibe.  And sure, the city's reputation as haven for romantics, or an art-lover's utopia has something to do with it too!  The truth is, however, that Paris is multi-faceted, and in the best way.  In other words, even though the overall fa├žade is one of complete charm, beyond that, it's a little more complicated. 

Paris is luxurious, but it's also a little funky.  Paris can be delectable, while reeking from stench at the same time (cheese plates anyone?)  Paris is a fresh breeze and yet, can be mired in bullshit (pardon our French)!  Still, no matter what you think of the city, or its citizens, there is no denying its undying beauty.  We like to take in Paris with an open mind, and open stomach!  We consistently experience the epitome of fun here, and plan to return time and time again.