It’s safe to admit that when we sat down to write our Set of Drifters pages detailing New York City’s best of the best, we completely freaked out!  Aside from compiling an entire book, there simply would be no way to capture all that there is to see, do and eat in the world’s most dynamic destination!  We could easily fill an entire blog section for each of the five boroughs, let alone the many diverse neighborhoods that reside within each.

And thus, in efforts to include the city alongside the many other spots we’ve visited multiple times, we’ve had to take a giant step back, eschewing our usual detailed write-ups of individual attractions or places for a much wider focus on specific NYC neighborhoods.   Now with this approach, you may have to hunt-and-peck a little bit, for we have still retained our “sights,” “sips,” and “eats” categories despite corralling many of these attributes under the umbrella of one neighborhood.  Nevertheless, we imagine you’ll be able to follow the method to our madness when looking for great places to eat (Seaport), drink (Lower East Side), or shop (East Village).

Take heed; our bird’s eye view of New York does not mean we’ll avoid waxing philosophical on the city’s smaller, more intimate attributes (i.e. the way the orange glow of an afternoon sunset so perfectly contrasts against the blue skies of summer).  It just means that, in a travel blog that attempts to walk the fine line between “Must See” and “Off The Beaten Track,” you won’t find such “Top 10 NYC moments” as the Empire State Building, Times Square or even a boat trip to the Statue of Liberty!  And while Central Park and Rockefeller Center do make the cut (in a blurb about the best time of year to visit), this is the only time on this page you’ll read the words “Little Italy.”

Of course, after living in New York for almost a decade ourselves, we know how hard it can be to escape the city.  To that end, we’ve thrown in a handful of nearby getaways that we’ve enjoyed over the years, and ones we hope will remind you that there is, after all, a world beyond Manhattan!

Okay, deep breath.  Got your Metro card?  Let’s do this.