A question a lot of people ask is “How long do I need in (city of choice) to really see it all?”  The truth is you could travel to places like Paris, Barcelona or Tokyo and spend up to two weeks and still find much to entertain you, especially when you start adding in day-long side trips.  That is not the case with California's quintessential Napa Valley... well, unless you're really looking to disengage and pamper yourselves silly - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!  Indeed, you could even add Napa Valley as a “day-long side trip” when making your next visit to nearby San Francisco, yet we would recommend you stay a bit longer.

Your “Set of Drifters” recently spent an ideal two nights in Napa Valley and one additional night in Calistoga.  This afforded us enough time to really sink our teeth in to the local vibe, and engage in everything that is has to offer:  hot springs, mud baths and massage, balloon rides over never-ending gorgeous scenery, and wine tasting and epicurean delights galore.

There’s no wonder they call this region “Disneyland for adults!"  Heck, we even learned about brix!  (For an extended collection of photos from our trip to Napa Valley and Calistoga, please check out our Facebook page found here.)