Сновым годом!!  While on a whirlwind 5-day trip to Russia’s grand capital of Moscow, the phrase - which translates to “Happy New Year!” - was on all of our lips.  After all, in Russia, New Year's dwarfs the traditional Christmas holiday in much the same that large holiday tree in Red Square dwarfs the famed St. Basil's Cathedral when photographed from a distance.  In town to mix work with pleasure, our time in the “Mother City” was filled with electric jolts of curiosity, excess, and at times, frustration!

They do things differently in Moscow, and visitors to this mighty city should be prepared to adjust accordingly!  Unlike most other European capitals, access to daily niceties seems limited, almost hidden like the interior layers of a Matryoshka doll!  Of course, if you happen to have Muscovite friends in town like we did, they’ll easily be able to hook you up with anything you may be seeking!

The people of Moscow are still emerging from a decades-long shroud of propaganda-infused despotism, and therefore, they almost burst at the seams with creative energy and hope.  You can see it in the way the “novye bogaty” dress while waiting for the train in any of the city’s lavish Metro stations, or in the glammy youth who wile away early morning hours at what are some of the punchiest, most glittery clubs in all the world!  We were very impressed by the tenacity of our own hosts who worked so relentlessly to impress us foreigners with all the idiosyncratic excitement that their city so well features, even despite its often chilly temperatures that will freeze the very shudder of your camera lens!

Brush up on your Cyrillic now folks, this is Москва!  (For an extended collection of photos from our trip to Moscow, check out our Сновым годом! album on Facebook!