getting around town (safely)

In case you had not realized it yet, Mexico City is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world!  So, how do you get around to all there is to see and do?  Well, if you are positioned centrally, really anywhere near the Zócalo, you will be in pretty good shape to walk to many of the sights listed in "sights."  We even trekked it back and forth a couple of times to the Zona Rosa along the Paseo de la Reforma.  With that being said, it is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes!!  Many of the streets in the Centro Histórico are made out of cobblestones and are uneven and can be somewhat treacherous!

If you are venturing out further from the center of the city to neighborhoods like Coyoacán or San Ángel, there are buses and a subway system that can zip you from one place to another, though we opted for cabs instead.  (We had four people in tow for the trip so splitting cab fare was not so bad.)  You will see green “beetle” taxi cabs pretty much everywhere.  A local woman warned us at one point to never ride in them.  Why?  Supposedly, they are known to kidnap tourists for ransom!  Wow, what imaginations.  Still, with that advice ringing in our ears, we decided from then on to call a cab from our hotel’s concierge desk to leave a trail behind if anything were to ever happen to us!  (Of course, nothing ever did, though like in most countries where you may not speak the same language as your cab driver, it is always wise to remind him or her to turn on the meter before you start your journey!)

For even longer treks, like the one we made to Teotihuacán, we joined up with an organized tour that picked us up and dropped us off at the hotel in an air-conditioned van.  (Trips to the pyramids will certainly be all-day affairs.)