Mixed/ gay, fun and chic.  That would be how we would describe the Lipstick Lounge located in the Zona Rosa district of Mexico City.  We first noticed the bar during our New Year’s Eve celebration just off of the Monumento a la Independencia along the Paseo de la Reforma (see "sights").  The folks at Lipstick were clearly throwing a rather outrageous party that evening, though we were not in the market for spending New Year’s Eve cover charge prices.  Instead, we ended up checking the bar out a few days later and definitely enjoyed the experience.  There are many different rooms to explore, most with ample access to various balconies which allow you to soak in both fresh air and the lounge’s swank design.

The lounge is really like a cross between a wine bar and a dance club, and its that variety which makes this a great place to have a drink, or two, or three!

Lipstick is open Wednesdays through Sundays; cover charges vary depending on the night, though do not expect to ever pay more than USD $5.

Lipstick - Colonia Juárez, Zona Rosa, Cuauhtmoc, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, 011 (52) 5514 4920


One frustration in Mexico City was its shape-shifting nightlife.  We spent the entire week trying to track down various clubs and bars, but their hours of operation all seemed to be reported incorrectly, or even worse, the bars were closed all together.  This was one time where checking the local listings was absolutely necessary!  And thus, after flipping through the Mexico City weekly (Tiempo Libre) we decided to head out to a place called Hibrido, a dance club that was reported to be located on the third floor of the Plaza del Ángel building in the Zona Rosa.  We thought its location a little odd since the Plaza del Ángel was an antique market we had visited just days prior! 

Friday night and it was time for a Victoria (or four!)  In Mexico City, Victoria is akin to the Coca-Cola of beers.  We walked swiftly from our hotel in the Centro Histórico to the Zona Rosa and up to the Plaza del Ángel, only to be stopped by a young local behind a velvet rope!  Yes, a velvet rope set-up in the entrance way to an open-air courtyard featuring antique shops!  Too funny. 

Anyway, once inside, Hibrido lived up to its printed reputation.  Sweaty boys and girls-who-like-boys-who-like-boys were all in a frenzy, shimmying and shaking to the latest techno-pop-hits-of-the-day.  The cavernous two-story club featured a number of different bars and lounge areas and a nice balcony where you could watch the young heathens dancing the night away under a large piñata celebrating Las Posadas.  From here, we had an absolute hoot watching two young boys on the far stage dancing with wild abandon and in perfect unison to the likes of Beyonce, Madonna and Enur.  (Who?)  To be honest, we felt a little old hanging out here as everyone in the club seemed to be 22 years old - or younger!   Ahhh, but when in Mexico City...

Hibrido is open Thursday through Sunday starting at 11:00 AM and goes well into the early morning.  Expect a cover charge (though probably no more than USD $5), and some sweaty half-naked bodies!

Hibrido - Londres 161, Segundo Piso, Plaza del Ángel, Cuauhtmoc, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, 011 (52) 5511 1197