Hotel Marlowe

The Hotel Marlowe is where we hung our hats for five nights nights during our stay in Mexico City in January of 2009, and while though the property is rather small, it is definitely not what you would call a “stylish boutique hotel.”  Not that it mattered.  We knew we were getting a good rate and, let’s face it, we are suckers for retro 1970s logos like the one that signifies the Hotel Marlowe.  Even though the accommodations are definitely not the most luxurious you will ever encounter, the Hotel Marlowe does contain all of the essentials you may need:  friendly and helpful staff, clean bedding, and a television featuring the E! channel all the way from home!   Perhaps the best feature of the Hotel Marlowe is its great centralized location which allows for easy access to many of the city's top attractions.

The hotel also features a decent coffee shop/ bar called La Bufa and, from the top floor, great views of the city (as the smog isn’t too heavy).  Set of Drifters tip:  The elevator is painfully slow.  If you are up for the exercise, it is best to take the stairs!  Oh, and make sure to close the windows and doors of your hotel room when you leave for the day.  In Mexico City, the smog can sometimes get so bad that it creeps into your room, stinking up the curtains and clogging your nostrils while you sleep!

Hotel Marlowe - Independencia 17, Ampliación El Triunfo, Iztapalapa, Mexico City, Distrito Federal, 011 (52) 5521 9540