Each year, thousands of dreamers from around the globe flock to Los Angeles in hopes of squeezing their way beyond the hordes of other fantasists already clogging its dermapeeled pores.  In 2007, your Set of Drifters were just two of these newcomers, though we suppose our dreams were a bit more jaded than most.  Thanks to a countless barrage of celebrity-driven gossip and reality TV shows, we had no interest in joining Hollywood’s “hyper-glamorous” set that, these days, seems all too eager to air its undesirables.  In fact, if you would have asked us 10 years ago if we would imagine ourselves living in “La-La Land,” the answer would have been no.  And yet, here we are, loving every minute of it!  So, what gives?  

As a result of the aforementioned media bombardment, any number of poor “LA stereotypes” has forever been stamped into the world’s collective unconscious.  We’ve all seen the pretentious fitness zombie grabbing her yoga mat on the way to the tanning salon (in hopes of ameliorating her “inner self,” of course), only to spend the rest of the afternoon shopping at The Grove while Mario Lopez tapes Extra!  Ultimately, with all of the pumped-up lips, sparkly skin-tight clothing and fake boobs up on offer, it’s no wonder this sunny epicenter of entertainment garners so much worldwide attention.  

But what many outsiders don’t realize is that there’s another side to the city that that bubbles just under the glare of Hollywood’s glitter.  We like to call this realm “Lost Angeles,” and it’s here where burlesque dancers mingle with magicians, drag performers headline raunchy underground theater, and aged starlets and has-been rockers seek out adulation to maintain their relevance.  Even though this oddball mix of creative individuals and unique sites that encompass “Lost Angeles” do not always receive the credit, their contributions are just as much part of what makes LA such a charismatic place.  And it’s ultimately their impact that has kept us so intrigued - even six years in.  So, on that note, get out your bronzer, or your best Ray-Ban knock-offs, and join us while we reveal our picks for the best of “Lost Angeles!”