Many first-time visitors to London often have preconceived notions about what makes the classic city tick. Over the decades, we’ve all been force fed stodgy images of London Bridge, the Tower of London and the “changing of the guard” at Buckingham Palace.  While history, tradition and a generous dose of royalty are certainly part of London’s venerable mix, their in your face pomp-and-circumstance belies what’s hidden just underneath the surface.

Set of Drifter Doug had the pleasure of experiencing London, and all it has to offer, for over 12 years as a resident! Early on, he realized that the Britain of today has zoomed way beyond its hoighty-toighty past. Today, “The Big Smoke” wholeheartedly embraces modernity and the hip, edgy forward-thinking that goes with it.  Partly thanks to its standing as one of the world’s most accepting “melting pots,” London shares many similarities to that other big city across the pond. And like New York City, it’s one of those places that consistently attracts innovative artists, musicians and designers looking to shine in the spotlight and make their dreams come true! (Oh, and did we mention comedians? There’s nothing quite like the British sense of humor.)

Having garnered enough familiarity to make the claim, Doug cautions that London is not always the easiest place to maneuver (and it ain’t cheap either)! But, if you’ve got the patience, and a little extra cash, it’s the kind of city that can provide you with whatever cosmopolitan fantasy you may be seeking. Multifaceted to say the least, London offers many different sub-worlds to explore depending on your interests. So why not take a trip to London town with your Set of Drifters?