Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort & Convention

Upon our arrival to Foz do Iguacu, we endured a somewhat long ride from the airport to our destination, The Recanto Park Inn Hotel on the other side of the city.  Our first impression was that it was quite a nice establishment, featuring architecture that was quite modern (complete with large A-Framed ceilings) and other contemporary furnishings such as the mosaic-tiled fountain inside the lobby, just a foreshadowing of other waterfalls to come!

We had thought perhaps the hotel’s distance from the airport and national park is what kept its price so low, but after further exploration of the grounds, we discovered the real reason... they were in the midst of an expansion project!  With its tropical flavor, the Recanto reminded us a lot of the Caliente Tropics Hotel in Palm Springs which, when we visited back in September of 2007, was also under construction and offering low rates to compensate.  Recanto Park Inn Hotel may literally be in the middle of nowhere, and relatively far from the airport and the falls, but that seemingly does not impede their progress!

Now the Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort, the newly-improved property offers ample options for relaxation after a day of trekking through the Parque Nacional do Iguaçu.  The large swimming pool, multiple spas and a full-service cafe and restaurant have great potential, but the plastic table furniture had to go!  Poolside, we enjoyed the South American sunshine daily with a variety of cocktails and aperitifs, including plates of gorgeous frites!  While sitting in one of the individual jacuzzis, you may even spot “Even Smoking Lushes Get the Blues Groove.”

Elsewhere, the rooms were clean, modern, and unusually large!  Then again, we had a rather unique room that featured a window that could be opened to peer out into the lobby.  It was great for voyeurs who want to check out the action!

Set of Drifters tip:  Like many international hotels, the Recanto is looking to save on electricity.  The lights in the room (and the hallway) turn off when not in use, and therefore expect to find dark corridors everywhere.  Sometimes you just have to wave your hands and arms more aggressively to get the lights to turn on!

(Special note:  Our "Grovey" rating of three is based on our stay during a loud renovation that has long been completed by now.)

Recanto Cataratas Thermas Resort & Convention - Av Costa e Silva, 3500, Foz do Iguaçu, 011 (55) 45 2102 3033