stay close to home

For fine dining on the island of Djerba, look no further than your resort or hotel.  Most will feature free breakfast buffets and an array of restaurants, with both traditional Tunisian and continental menu items... though we doubt any will be able to live up to the splendid petit déjeuner on offer at Dar Bibine (see "digs").  That being said, we also enjoyed our "linner" at Kalypso at the Park Inn Ulysse, and particularly the views heading out to the Mediterranean Sea.

Elsewhere, beach bars are a good bet for lunch - though don't expect frills.  And if you find yourself feeling too homebound at your resort after a couple of days, there are many streetside dinner options available in Houmt Souk.  (We won't mention our choice here since, on the last night of our Tunisian adventure, the spot left us quite underwhelmed.)  For more on Houmt Souk and its crowding bargain hunters, see "goodies."