One of the best things about traveling to countries outside of traditional "western culture" is that you never know what lies behind each corner.  On our inaugural trip to North Africa, we first headed to Djerba, Tunisia's island paradise located amidst the crystalline blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea!

Known predominantly for it's stunning shorelines and fantastic beach resorts, Djerba attracts tourists mostly from Europe, especially those from France as Tunisia is a former colony.  Of course, if the beaches get too tiring, there's always bustling Houmt Souk as well, the colorful marketplace that will easily keep you busy for an afternoon or two!  And yet, it's not all just fun and games on this lovely resort destination!  The site of one of the oldest Jewish communities in North Africa lies within Erriadh, making Djerba a spot steeped in history both ancient... and of the future! 

Port city Ajim just happens to be the home of the infamous "Mos Eisley Catina" from Star Wars, and a visit to the humble building that once sat in for this iconic setting is just the beginning of a mini-trek through the island's other captivating filming locations!   In fact, that's all we needed to know in order to book our flight for this unforgettable destination!  And yet, once we had arrived, we soon found ourselves entranced by the island's friendly residents and its exquisite blue and white-washed architecture.