Over the years a lot of people have asked us, “how do you guys manage to get away so much?”  Our answer is simple.  Travel is important to us, certainly more so than seeing the latest summer blockbuster or spending wads of cash on clothes or video games.  Taking frequent holidays helps to shake loose any ruts that may develop in our daily lives, and reminds us that, while there’s no place quite like home, there is always so much more beyond it that we can learn from and appreciate.

One of our tricks is to plan our next sojourn before leaving on the current one so there’s always something to look forward to even upon our return.  Still, naysayers have countered:  “Well, I suppose I could try that too, but I don’t know what my work calendar will be like months down the line and I can’t be away from it for more than a day or two.”  Ahhhh, excuses.  If one cannot be away from work for more than a weekend, what are you working for?

True, there is one downside to traveling so often, whether abroad or even within the country...  it actually costs money.  And these days, you may find that there’s not a lot of that extra lying around.  (Who else has pillaged their vacation kitty just to buy laundry detergent?)  Nevertheless, your Set of Drifters want to remind you that fun, unexpected travel is still entirely possible, and at feasible costs, if you put in a little effort to explore your own backyard.  Staying close to home will save you time as well as money, and opens up a plethora of different interchangeable options that’ll keep you going with fresh experiences for many weekends to come.

The following is our ever-growing list of day-trip and weekend excursions available to you with Los Angeles as your starting point.  Any of these weekend “getaway” trips are sure to rejuvenate and refresh your senses, even if they do not seem designed to.  Of course, there’s one little problem.  You have to live in California to enjoy them...  Or do you?  Coming to the United States any time soon?  Why not combine a bunch of the suggestions below for a fabulous Californian road-trip you won’t soon forget?

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