To be perfectly honest, a sense of dread fell over us on the plane as we descended upon Buenos Aires.  Having just spent well over 10 days in Brazil, we were already exhausted and, thanks to some poor food choices in Foz do Iguaçu, also suffering from some pretty dire stomach conditions.  As the Argentine capital expanded out from the windows in front of us, it seemed so much larger than we anticipated... almost like that other megalithic city that shares “The Big Apple” as its moniker!  We were truly worried that we would not have enough time, or energy, to really see much of anything!

Now, it’s no coincidence that New York and Buenos Aires are connected in nickname.  Both cities are big and boastful, bursting at the seams with modern design and regal classic architecture alike.  Visitors to either location will be greeted with a bevy of choices when it comes to music, fashion, dance or sports, and while the skylines of each metropolis seem to reach out forever, each destination is surprisingly walkable... if you can muster the excessive fumes that escape from the exhausts of an innumerable amount of taxi cabs!

The Argentine “Big Apple” does have a stem up on its American counterpart however!  Thanks to a heavy immigration of European expats in the latter part of the 1800’s, mostly from Italy, the city flawlessly meshes the best of that continent with its already unique South American flair!  Today, grand monuments of all architectural styles share space alongside chic boutiques, energetic clubs, and world class dining.  Overall, Buenos Aires exudes an elegant spirit that, while grounded in years of political turmoil, is still not afraid to kick up its tango heels and have a good (modern) time!

In Buenos Aires, it's all for the taking, so let's take a bite, shall we?

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