getting to and from London - and around town

Look at a map.  Brighton is not that far from London, and it’s for that exact reason that so many Londoners pop down to the sea for romantic weekend getaways, or even just the day to see some of their favorite bands play in smaller venues.

Though you can always drive or take a bus, the quickest way to get to Brighton is via train, and there are a few different options.  Round trip tickets can be had for as little as £22 (about $35 USD), though make sure to check the price of both round trip and one-way, since depending on the time of day (or day of week) for your visit, two one-way fares may just be cheaper than a round trip.  Trains for Brighton leave from either the London Victoria or London Bridge Station, and usually take about an hour to reach the sea.  Both Gatwick Express and Southern Railway offer competitive prices, though their websites’ fare sheets can be a bit confusing.  Be careful if booking tickets from them in advance.  (You can always grab them on the fly.)

Bus treks between London and Brighton will be slightly cheaper, though not by much.  Booked online, round trip coach service starts at about £17 (about $27 USD).  National Express offers reputable service between both locales with the drive taking about 2 hours plus.  Sometimes, a bus trip is a nice way to see more of the countryside, though keep in mind, if you are traveling early in the AM or late at night, you are not going to see very much!

Once in town, the best way to get around is honestly on foot.  So many of the top attractions, including the Brighton Pier, Royal Pavilion and The Lanes (see "sights" and "goodies"), are all located within only a few blocks of each other.  Biking is also an option, though keep in mind, some neighborhoods in town are nestled into some pretty steep hills!  If your feet or legs need a breather, Brighton is also full of bus routes, and thanks to its reputation as a tourist destination, taxicabs.  If visiting in the summer months, keep in mind, Brighton traffic can be a bitch!

Gatwick Express (to and from London via Victoria station) -

Brighton Railway Station (operated by Southern Railway) - Queen's Road
Brighton, East Sussex  BN1 3XD, (011) 44 0845-1272920,

National Express (to and from London via Victoria station) -