I was bit by the travel bug early on.  As a baby, my parents were always taking my brothers, sister and I on trips throughout North America.  (One of my earliest travel memories involved camping somewhere in Quebec, Canada!)  After my 10th birthday, my parents moved the family 3,000 miles across the country, taking us from wintry New Jersey to ultra-sunny Southern California.  It was at about that time I realized that moving around was good for both the mind and the soul.

Deciding during college that I wanted to study abroad and travel around Europe, I took off for London equipped only with my EuroRail Pass and an electric guitar.  While it was not always easy to explore other places as a student, I did manage to get my first tastes of Ireland, France, Italy and the Netherlands during this time frame.  I discovered soon thereafter that I was hooked on travel!

Relocating full-time to London after college graduation, I embarked on a music career with The Gentle People that luckily brought me to many new interesting places throughout the region and beyond:  Scotland, Wales, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Australia, Japan - even Kazakhstan!

It was after 12 years in rainy London that I decided to complete the circle and return to my "East Coast" roots.  Landing back in Manhattan, I discovered an itch to check out locations on this side of the planet that I had yet to explore, places like New Orleans, Chicago, South Florida, Phoenix, etc.

Now finally back in Los Angeles for more than seven years, I have enjoyed getting reintroduced to the local surroundings and venturing out to even more exotic places with Set of Drifter Brady.  So far, our favorites have included Cambodia, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico and Indonesia!

When not traveling, you’ll usually find me on the hunt for obscure music LPs, vintage clothing and furniture, and the next great pizza!

There's no doubt about it - I am part gypsy.  (No seriously, part of my family lineage actually hails from "Old Bohemia" in Slovakia.)  And I imagine it's that gypsy blood that has transplanted me all over the United States, with turns living in places as diverse as Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and (suburban) Chicago.  It is there, Lake Zurich, Illinois, where my earliest travel memories begin.

On weekends, my parents would often take my family up north to Wisconsin where I found myself fascinated by oddball places like Wisconsin Dells and Lake Lawn Lodge resort that offered themed kitsch well before I even knew what that was.  On these short jaunts, and later during more involved road trips all over the Eastern Seaboard, I relished in meeting new people and seeing places that felt so different from my normal existence back home.  The truth is that allure is still my favorite part about travel, being able to touch down and investigate an unknown locale and interpret (often well after you return home) how it compares and contrasts to the way we live life each day.

At age 10, my parents relocated our family to the Southwest.  From our base in Scottsdale, Arizona, we would often make short getaways to Southern California and Mexico.  It's entirely possible that my insatiable appetite for the open road, and travel in general, stems from these fond family vacation memories.

As far as exploration beyond the United States is concerned, it was not until the last decade that I was able to experience all of the intriguing places from the Indiana Jones and James Bond films that so caught my imagination as a young child.  A barely-planned trip to London and Paris in 2004 was my first introduction to a much larger world, and one that ultimately set the tone for the type of curious travel Doug and I so enjoy.  While we surely want to see the sights, your “Set of Drifters” really enjoy going with the flow and try as much as possible to emulate that "fly on the wall" who is so fortunate to soak in the true essence of how locals really live.

Aside from travel, my passions include a plethora of artistic pursuits - painting, photography, writing and music.  If I am not chipping away at my novel or paintings, you might find me reading in the bathtub, working on a new mixshow, or yes, watching bad television!  My first book, Stars of the Desert - A Journey Across the Dunes of Tunisia to Discover Lost Tatooine, was released in August 2011.  You may check it out in our Drifter's Depot!