Flash Flash

One of "Set of Drifter" Doug's favorite haunts in Barcelona is Flash Flash Tortilleria.  "My first visit to this restaurant was back in the late 1990's when I was brought there by some Barcelona natives who knew I would appreciate the full Flash Flash experience."

Opened back in swingin' 1967, this groovy restaurant is located just off from Tuset Street in the L'Eixample neighborhood of Barcelona.  (In the 1960's, Tuset Street was Spain's answer to Carnaby Street in London.  There was even a movie about Tuset Street that showcased the hip lifestyle and trends that were happening there at the time).

Owned by Leopoldo Pomés, a well known 70’s photographer, Flash Flash features fantastic paintings of a Twiggy-esque model snapping photographs at every turn.  The clever wall artwork incorporates lighting that appears to be the "flashbulbs" of the cameras.  The oval windows   and all-white leather banquette seating is completely retro-funtastic!  As for the food, we are talking Spanish tortilla omelets, and there are over 70 different types of tortilla on offer!  Flash Flash is also complete with a yummy salad bar, gourmet hamburgers and homemade potato chips, and several daily specials!  This place can be a little tricky to find, but is definitely worth the effort!  Head there around lunch time and you will     see the place packed with locals!  (We hear there is also a location in Madrid in case you are heading down south!)

Flash Flash Tortilleria - Carrer La Granada del Penedès, 25, L'Eixample, 08006, Barcelona, 011 (34) 932 370 990


Cam Ramonet

One restaurant you certainly should not miss if you happen to be wandering around the La Barceloneta neighborhood is Can Ramonet.  Originally a tavern founded in 1763, this unique place is apparently the "oldest tavern" in Barcelona.  (Hmmm, really?)  While the varnished wood decorations that adorn the inside of the building are pretty inspiring, we were actually attracted to the restaurant's al fresco dining area located on a small square adjacent to the restaurant.

While in Barcelona, you really should try the city's signature meal, seafood paella.  Seeing we were imminently seaside, this was one of the tastiest, and freshest, examples of the dish we had ever eaten.  Extra points for being able to watch our server/ cook prepare the paella right before our very eyes!  Tasty breads and wines are also a staple at Cam Ramonet so make sure to make the most of it while you can!

While this place is certainly not cheap, didn't your mama ever tell you that cheap ain't necessarily always good?  Can Ramonet is open daily for lunch from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and again after siesta, from 8:00 PM to midnight for Barcelona's typical late dinner!

Set of Drifters tip:  Bring your telephoto lens!  The outdoor seating at Cam Ramonet also affords "groovespotters" with some rather great people watching.  A mother/ daughter duo we caught smoking, and bickering, on the adjacent street corner was just like something out of an Almodóvar film!  (For more on La Barceloneta, see "sights.")

Can Ramonet - Carrer Maquinista, 17, Barcelona, 011 (34) 933 193 064


Also recommended by "Honorary Drifters" Sara & Steve:

Tapas 24 - Carrer de la Diputació, 269, 08007 Barcelona, 011 (34) 934 88 09 77, http://www.carlesabellan.es/

Big Fish - Carrer d'Amigó, 39, 08021 Barcelona, 011 (34) 932 00 83 93, http://www.bigfish.cat/

Tickets - Avinguda del Paral·lel, 164, 08015 Barcelona, 011 (34) 932 92 42 53, http://ticketsbar.es