By now, you certainly must have heard of the ancient Khmer civilization that once ruled Angkor in northwestern Cambodia from the 9th to 13th centuries.  But back in 1994 when Set of Drifter Brady first started researching the evocative collection of temples so well hidden for years by jungle overgrowth, most of the people he spoke to had no idea what he was talking about!  The general lack of familiarity of this once “Great City” is is no small part due to the infamous Khmer Rouge dictatorship that, through much of the 1970’s and beyond, controlled the people of then-Kampuchea with fear, intimidation, and genocide!

Since the demise of the horrific Khmer Rouge, Angkor is once again safe and secure, and the mysterious shroud surrounding the temples is unraveling fast.  Hordes of tourists flock in ever-increasing numbers each year to witness what is arguably the most underrated of of the “Top 10 Man-made Wonders of the World."  Back in July of 2009, your "Set of Drifters" were simply two of the many descending upon those famous sandstone steps.

The temple complex of Angkor Wat is the crown jewel of the ancient civilization, and the largest religious structure in the entire world! It’s no wonder that the unique multi-towered construction has literally become the heart and soul of Cambodia.  You will find its silhouetted outline on everything from the country's flag to packs of cigarettes to the national beer, also called “Angkor.”  (An image of Angkor Wat is also found on the nation's currency, “the riel.”)  But trust us, there is so much more to see than just Angkor Wat.  Once you put on those hiking shoes, and pull back a few vines, you will witness a much larger collection of extraordinary temples and intricate stone carvings that, together, must fight against the ever invading jungle foliage to protect the very essence of what makes Cambodia so special.   Intrigued yet?

P.S.  A recommended soundtrack to this blog entry might just be William Orbit's collection Strange Cargo III

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