Greetings fellow drifters!

Wow. It’s been, um, years since we’ve updated our travel blog.  But it’s not as though we haven’t been busy… traveling.

In November, your Set of Drifters returned from yet another return visit to our favorite city in the United States, New Orleans! (It was as decadent and alluring as always.) Other recent trips include quick jaunts to Seattle and Sedona - where we FINALLY took a jeep tour of the beautiful terrain that made our entire trip!

Hopefully, you've been seeing our on-the-spot updates on our Instagram and Twitter pages, but promise that our official recommendations will continue to unravel on this blog site over the next few months, primarily those from our two week fast track of Italy last year.

Our YouTube clip will also soon see updates, with new Fall 2017 video clips forthcoming from our trips to India, Yosemite and the mysterious House on the Rock.

Up next, we’re looking forward to some holiday travel. Where to? We’ll let you know as soon as we find out…

Until then, happy trails, 
Doug and Brady